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2016 Lulavim & Etrogim Prices

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  • $35.99 - Student / Chinuch Needs assembled… A true student experience -  
  • $40.99 - Student / Chinch 
  • $56.99 - Standard
  • $78.99 - Deluxe / Mehudar
  • $90.99 - Premium / Muvchar
  • $114.99 - Rabbi
  • +$36 +tax - Deri Lulavim (upgrade)
  • +$5.00 +tax Chazon Ish Hadassim (upgrade)
  • +$5.37 +tax- Extra Hadassim
  • +$5.37 +tax- Extra Aravot plus tax
  • +$6.5 +tax- Large plastic lulavim zip up case plus tax
  • *All Etrog available with or without Pitom at no extra charge.
  • **all sets come assembled unless specified otherwise .
  • *** flat rate shipping not available on this item
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What Are The Different Levels of Lulavim & Etrogim Sets?

The higher priced Esrogim are selected for their adherence to the highest “ideal” standards, while even low- priced standard grade Esrogim are guaranteed to meet all minimum standards for use. Esrogim identified as having any potentially significant defects are segregated from the rest, and are sold only as part of the lowest-priced Chinuch sets, which are intended for practice or educational use only. All of our Lulavim Esrog are sold under
rabbinical supervision guaranteeing that they meet or exceed the minimum requirements of Jewish law.

The quality of the Esrog determines how much of a premium a set of Arba Minim will sell for, since each Esrog is usually accompanied by a standard grade of Lulav, Hadassim and Aravos. The talmudic sages teach (Baba Kamma 9) that a person should be willing to spend at least one-third more than the standard market price in order to acquire the most beautiful available Esrog. There are also many stories from Jewish tradition describing how pious Jews have gone to great lengths and paid much higher premiums to acquire the best Esrog available.

What Are the Attributes of the Ideal Esrog?

  1. An ideal Esrog should be shaped like a tower, with a wide base, vertical lower sides and a gently sloping top, and it should be symmetrical on all sides.
  2. An ideal Esrog should have a bumpy surface.
  3. The ideal Esrog may still be partially green, but it's surface should be free of all other discolorations, scars and holes, especially on the upper slope, known as the Chotam.
  4. The ideal Esrog should be straight, meaning that the Ukatz at the bottom points straight up through the axis of the fruit, and in line with the Pitom at the top. 
  5. The ideal Esrog will have a flower-like protrusion at the top of the Pitom, called the Shoshanta, and its stem (Ukatz) sunk into the bottom
  6. Optionally, the ideal Esrog may have an indentation running around its circumference, about half way up, known as a gartel (belt).
  7. The ideal Esrog will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye - a subjective evaluation. (2004, The Esrog Headquarters)

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